A Day In Athens...

Going into this day I sang "this is the day that never will go on and on my friend!!" Lambchop anyone?! What was that show???

After dinner the night before we still had to pack, so we didn't get to sleep until about midnight, Greece time. We woke up at 4:45 am. Boarded the short flight to Athens at 6:15 and landed at 7. by 7:15am we were in our private taxi car with our driver, Spiros.

George's Taxi Tour was the company we hired for this day tour and we are so thrilled that we did. Spiros spoke English and took us to all of the must see spots in the time we had.  Here are a whole bunch of photos from our day. Make sure to scroll all the way down!

 A summer camp of students walking down the street:
 The Stadium:

Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon

Before I even start typing, I'll be honest. Today is July 2. So our last two days of our wonderful learning experience will be typed as truly in the past as they are now just memories, but memories that will be with us for always.

Tuesday was our last full day and our last day on Crete. We booked a tour, but nothing like the Samaria Gorge. It was called Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon. There was a photo I found when I first googled Crete and I needed to find the location and take the picture myself. How did I do?

Googled photo:

My photo:
Needless to say, we were definitely in paradise for the day.
Our day started by being picked up at 8:30 by another large charter bus. I had already checked out our route so I knew that we were not going to be climbing any mountains or taking any sharp turns over cliffs. However, we were the first two on the bus which meant we had to go along for the ride to fill the bus with other excited lagoon-goers.
Cue TCW. One thing that we learned during the work…

Samaria Gorge

We knew before we came that we would have two full days on Crete after TCW so we booked two excursions: The Samaria Gorge and Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon. On Monday, we did the Gorge. Here is a good site with all the information you would need about the hike:
Our day started at 5am. We had ordered a wake up call from the front desk just in case. I was surprised that I popped out of bed as soon as it came through. I guess I was excited! 
Since breakfast wasn't going to be open before our bus came at 6:10am, our hotel packed us a breakfast package. Really it was a Samaria Gorge package that included a banana, water, and two foot long baguette sandwiches. They definitely came in handy and were really quite good!
Our bus picked us up in front of the hotel and was already full. We were the second to last pick up that morning. The bus was a regular size charter bus: 
I was certainly not prepared for the ride up the mountain. This huge bus clim…